Just released!

Think Faster Games has just released a baseball trivia game - timed trivia where you need to think faster than your opponent to score points. This game features a unique timing and scoring system (patent pending) to challenge your sports trivia knowledge like never before!    

High score each month wins an e-voucher for £50 GBP / $68 USD*

*Depending on currency conversion. See our Terms for more information.

You can check the leaderboard to see if you are among the best.

Próximamente versión en español!

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Try for free trial is available

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Think Faster Games

You will have lots of opportunities to test your sports trivia knowledge with prizes for top scorers - if you can think faster!

TFG Baseball

Baseball trivia! It's a trivia game that is about baseball, and only baseball.
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Fast-paced sports trivia

A baseball trivia game is to be released soon, and many more sports trivia games to follow.

Challenge accepted!

Accept challenges from others or send a challenge to start a game. You will be competing against each other and the clock, so be ready to think faster!

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