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TFG Baseball

Game rules

The rules of the game

1. The goal of the game is to be the player to get the highest score. The winner of the highest score each month wins an e-voucher. In the case of a tie (any number of players with the exact same score) the winner will be chosen at random by Think Faster Games LTD. The decision of the winner by Think Faster Games LTD is final. Apple, Google Play, any App Store or service provider is not a sponsor of this competition.

2. Two players play against each other at the same time for 60 seconds.

3. Once two players are online and the challenge has been accepted, the game will start.

4. The game consists of multiple choice trivia questions with four answers, and only one answer is correct.

5. Each question has a time limit and the points available to gain or lose decreases as time passes.

6. The timer and points available will be displayed near the top of the screen.

7. When a player answers correctly they will be awarded the points available, and the game proceeds to the next question.

8. When a player answers incorrectly that player will lose the points available. The other player will still have a chance to answer.

9. If the other player then answers incorrectly, that player will also lose the points available and the game advances to the next question. If that player answers correctly they are awarded the points available and the game advances to the next question.

10. Only one attempt to answer per question. If a player answers incorrectly they are not able to try again. If they are the first to answer correctly, the game advances to the next question.

11. If both players answer at the exact same time (correctly or incorrectly), they will win (if answered correctly) or lose the (if answered incorrectly) the points available and the game will advance to the next question.

12. If neither player answers, the question timer runs out and then will advance to the next question.

13. When the 60 second game clock gets runs out, the player with the higher score wins. If the score is tied, the game is a draw. The end of game score is the score that is used for the monthly high score competition.